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Headquartered in Richmond, Texas just outside of Houston, we also have clients located in the English-speaking Caribbean. With more than a decade of experience managing complex IT operations, we specialize in technology security assessments. Our staff possess a vast depth and breadth of knowledge to identify and address weaknesses in IT strategy, policy and implementation for our clients. We can also be the extra skilled hands your company's IT department needs for brief or extended periods.

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Areas of Focus


Whether your organization has a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy or you are simply trying to supplement your on-premise technology with specific cloud-based services, we are equipped to guide you.

managed services

Staff person going on vacation? Understaffed, without a budget to add to your headcount? Are you otherwise unable to see a project through to completion. CoreData Systems will quickly and efficiently deliver.


Adding new routers, switches or security appliances? Are your branch offices utilizing the best hardware to ensure uniformity in the employee experience? Our company can take the lead in these efforts.

BUSINESS continuity planning

Are your data and systems protected against flood, fire and cyber events? Does your business continuity plan include cyber events or data loss? Protecting your digital assets in the event that physical assets are damaged or destroyed is critical to any comprehensive continuity or recovery plan.

data security

Data is the lifeblood of any organization. Unfortunately, best practices for managing the data lifecycle are often ignored. With the myriad of risks facing threatening your data, allow our company to help you secure your data environment.


Most small to medium businesses are inadequately prepared against even the most basic cyber threats. Many staff are ill-equipped to effectively identify weaknesses in infrastructure, physical access and policy. Our company provides a comprehensive security assessment to identify areas of risk and will work to provide a framework for maintaining best practices in both the Internet-facing and private spaces. 




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